Mien Tay Shoreditch

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Mien Tay

Ever since AA Gill outed this unprepossessing restaurant on Shoreditch’s Vietnamese strip in 2010, the place has been ritually packed out despite the tacky décor, plastic flowers and close-set tables. Other restaurants down the Kingsland road may be (much, much) better looking, but the food at Mien Tay delivers. Yes, as Gill suggests, try the goat galangal; its coconutty sweetness combined with the gameyness of goat will rock your world. Also not to be missed is the honey-roasted quail, which is almost too good to share – it is such a heart-breakingly dinky bird – and is best enjoyed slathered in the chilli salt it comes with. Don’t expect silver service; this is a laid back, chaotic, down and dirty kind of place, but who cares? Book ahead, order waaaaay too much food and enjoy!