Santa Maria Pizzeria

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A bit of a schlep if  you don’t live in West London, but for dinner presided over by the venerable saint herself (in the form of a fabulously kitschy statue), it’s well worth the trip – and we haven’t even mentioned the pizza yet! Our bad, because it’s everything you could possibly hope for. The native Neapolitan owners, Angelo and Pasquale, have made it their mission to bring Londoners authentic, Naples-style pizzas. And what a job they’ve done; the dough is made fresh 24 hours in advance and left to rise before it’s quick-fired into a deliciously crisp and airy crust. The Neapolitans are puritans about their pizza, recognizing only the Margherita and the Marinara as official variants – little wonder the Santa Maria boys claim the Margherita is their best pizza. Still, it’s hard to resist the Italian imports that make up their other toppings – Neapolitan salame and chili, prosciutto, friarielli, smoked mozzarella…see, bet you’re mouth’s watering already.