Chicken Shop

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Soho House's Chicken Shop in Kentish Town

Chicken is trendy. Yup, that’s right. Chicken. It has to be for the Soho House folk to be getting in on the game, especially in their uber-food space in Kentish Town which also houses a Pizza East and Dirty Burger. So… back to the chicken. Head down into the basement for a feast of succulent and slightly spicy rotisserie-style chicken, served with chips/corn on the cob/salad all washed down with jugs of wine and bottles of beer. Think Nandos but with aggressively attractive clientele. It’s dark and noisy, so probably not the best place to bring your mum, and if you’re vegetarian, forgeddaboudit. For everyone else though, the buzz should leave you wanting more, especially once you’ve tried the deep-filled apple pie.

Dirty Burger

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A down and dirty burger joint in a corrugated iron shack in a car park is exactly, it turns out, what Kentish Town has been missing. This brainchild of the painfully trendy people at Soho House is a firm favourite with locals and is usually stuffed full of depressingly attractive young families and professionals clustered around the artfully-aged wooden table, elbows in and mouth open, or squeezed in at the bar. The menu’s minimal – it’s a dirty burger, or, um, a dirty burger. What that means is a giant gobstopper of a bap that oozes juicy burgery goodness. Cheese, American mustard and pickle top the whopper off. It tastes like Maccy D’s done posh, and it still only costs £5.50. Order with onion fries or crinkle cut chips and consume. It’s dirty and we like it! Oh yeah, we lied about there only being one thing on the menu. There’s breakfast too, obviously. Think sausage and bacon McMuffins, then elevate that to the next level. You’re getting there. Oh, and the best bit? It’s open ’til 1:30am on Friday and Saturday.