Grain Store

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Young Leaves and Lamb Belly at Grain Store in King's Cross, London

Bruno Loubet’s second restaurant in the capital taps into the regeneration of King’s Cross in the best way. But if Grain Store is what gentrification looks like, then colour me yuppy, I’m on that bandwagon. The place is all light-bathed, pale woods and open plan. A fantastic setting for whiling away an afternoon or evening with many a glass of wine. Long, sharing tables help keep the mood convivial and casual and the food, oh the food. The portions are on the dainty side, but each dish zings with flavour. The hungry should go for the six-course tasting menu, which is great value, if you can nab a table, that is.

Chili Cool

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Chilli Cool

This grungy little Sichuanese place tucked away behind King’s Cross hardly looks inviting with its neon yellow sign and stark interior. The wait staff won’t endear you to the place either; they’re not friendly and they’re not responsive. But take a closer look; the place is packed. Everyone’s speaking Chinese and you probably don’t recognise half the food they’re eating. Things are looking up. All the staples are there on the menu, generously lashed with pretty (dangerous) flecks of pink and red Sichuan pepper. Don’t miss the dry fried green beans, which are especially good here. The more adventurous should consider branching out to some of the less common dishes like the hot and chili crispy pork intestine, which sounds scary, but is satisfying like crackling.