Clockjack Oven

Clockjack Oven

Modern European | Soho | Dirt cheap

For all the amazing places to go in Soho, there are also innumerable shitty little streets that it’s easy to get stuck wandering around in a miserable culinary limbo. Clockjack Oven is on one of these streets, like a shiny little foody oasis. With a menu of chicken and, er, chicken, it’s bang on trend. Not that we hold that against it. Sometimes a good bit of rotisserie is just what the doctor ordered, and at these prices the medicine goes down a treat. The place itself is cosy in a Nordic, minimalist way, and there’s something comforting about the rows of chicken rotating hypnotically on their spits, ready to be plumped on a plate for you. Enjoy with chips, on a salad or in a bun, and all for under a tenner.

Address: 14 Denman St, W1D 7HJ
Phone: 020 7287 5111
Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Need To Know: Reservations for groups of 6 or more

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