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Gymkhana is a startling addition to London’s plethora of Indian restaurants. Head-and-shoulders above your average cheap-and-cheerful curry house, it’s also not the the clinical corporate genre of posh Indian nosh. Named for old Indian sporting clubs, the place is decked out something like you might imagine a colonial pub; it feels decadent and reassuringly cosy all at the same time.  Of course, it comes with pedigree. The founder, Karam Sethi, is also the guy behind Trishna, one of London’s only Michelin-starred Indian joints. No surprise then that the food has tongues wagging (and not just from the spice). Take a group so you can plough your way through as much of the menu as possible, taking particular care to order the goat keema and, if brave enough, the bheja (that’s brains) to go with it.

Address: 42 Albemarle St, W1S 4JH
Phone: 020 3011 5900
Nearest Tube: Green Park
Need To Know: Closed Sundays

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