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A class above the average city lunch venue, this modern Italian restaurant in the Liverpool Street area is a breath of fresh air for the white collar set. The décor is perhaps a little bit aggressive in its modernity, what with the blinding whiteness of the furnishings, the place is still light, airy and perennially buzzy – a real break from the stuffiness of many of the older city establishments. The prices will make anyone without a corporate bank account cringe, but that’s not a problem for most of the suited clientele that pack this place at lunchtimes and it’s hardly surprising they keep coming back for the fantastic and fresh Italian fair. Cooking is mainly southern Italian; expect the home-made pastas to be paired with light, tomato-based sauces rather than rich, creamy ones. It’s super-tasty, but light and unfulfilling which means it’s easy to run up a hefty bill, or leave hungry. Find someone in Saville Row with a charge account and you’ll be fine though.

Address: 1 Snowden St, EC2A 2DQ
Phone: 020 7422 7000
Website: www.lanima.co.uk
Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street
Need To Know: Closed for lunch Saturday and all day Sunday


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