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Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov’s first addition to the London restaurant scene has drawn the glamour set like moths to a flame. A fickle bunch, it seems only two restaurants would do – Asian or Italian – both vying for the title of flashiest dining room in London. This, of course, makes Novikov the hottest table in town for London’s well-heeled and deep-pocketed. The food is in the same vein – opulent dishes like lobster tempura (in the Asian restaurant, obviously) and plates dripping with truffles over on the Italian side. Luckily, it’s not all style over substance and the food is actually very good (should be too, at the staggering prices). You know that you’re getting bang for your buck because there’s a dedicated member of staff to spray the vegetable display with water every half hour. Blow your bonus at the purpose-built bar where a pair of Louboutins is more common than a cheap hairdo. Dress to impress and join the glamour set dahling – just bring your sugar daddy along to pick up the bill.

Address: 50a Berkeley St, W1J 8HA
Phone: 020 7399 4330
Nearest Tube: Green Park
Need To Know: N/A

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