Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun

American | Marylebone | Dirt cheap

So we’ve been suffering from a serious case of burger fatigue. Despite our solid levels of appreciation for meat in a bun, we were beginning to feel the deluge of burger places opening were verging on overkill. We were getting tired of it. That’s until we had the Ari Gold at Patty & Bun. Followed by every other non-veg burger on the menu. In one sitting. You may say greedy, we say revelationary. The hunky burgers in this diminutive Marylebone joint are just to die for; big juicy patties (cooked to perfection, might we add) daintily balance inside a delightfully airy brioche bun and topped with all sorts of naughty and wonderful cheesy and pickle-y things. It’s no reservations of course and titchy to boot so be prepared for a wait. Or if you live nearby (you lucky thing), cheat and go for the takeaway option. We didn’t have room for dessert (this time), but we hear the choc ices are ace. We won’t judge you if you make our mistake of overloading on burgers though – sometimes resistance is futile.

Address: 54 James St, W1U 1EU
Phone: 020 7487 3188
Nearest Tube: Bond Street
Need To Know: No reservations

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