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Russell Norman’s Italian Bocaro has spawned an empire of similar boltholes across Soho, all well worth a visit in their own right, especially when you can’t squeeze in the door at Polpo – a dimunitive restaurant with a New York vibe and irresistible Venetian-style nibbles. Reservations are allowed at lunch only and large parties need not apply; there aren’t really any big tables and the place is always thronging with trendy movers and shakers anyway. Even if there are just two of you, you can face an interminable wait at the bar. Admittedly, standing cheek to jowl as everyone gets hungrier and grumpier ruins the atmosphere a tad, but things do improve immeasurably once you’re seated. The space is still cramped, but scarf down a few of the pizzette and all will seem right in the world again. Nip downstairs after (or before) for a cheeky tipple and a bite of Cicheti at the “hidden” Campari bar.

Address: 41 Beak St, W1F 9SB
Phone: 020 7734 4479
Website: www.polpo.co.uk
Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus/Piccadilly Ciricus
Need To Know: No reservations for dinner; Closed for dinner Sunday

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  • Anonymous


    What a great place -went last night had to wait 30 minutes for a table but just nipped downstairs to their bar. Great great atmosphere – read other reviews complaining about the staff but they couldn’t have been more friendly. Food was great – favorite was Goat cheese, roasted grape & honey bruschetta (i don’t even like goats cheese) but boy was it yummy!


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