Sushi Tetsu

Sushi Tetsu

Japanese | Clerkenwell | Payday

London’s holy grail of Sushi, this titchy 7-seater in Clerkenwell run by ex-Nobu chef Toru Takahashi is the closest you’ll get to the cooking of sushi masters without leaving the U.K. That explains why bookings come so hard, and boy should we know. Lines open on the first day of each month and take reservations for the following month. Prospective customers have been known to call hundreds of times before getting through – but don’t let that put you off; this place is a must-go. Guests sit at the sushi bar and watch Takahashi do his stuff, gently crafting each piece of sushi or sashimi before placing it on the banana leaves that act as plates for guests to eat with their hands. There’s no extra soy sauce, no wasabi, no ginger, but the fish – carefully selected for its freshness – never needs more than what Takahashi’s already given it. Order a la carte or go for the omikase set menu for a meticulously-paced sampling of the best seafood of the day. So, put the first of next month in your diary, cancel your plans, take the day off work and make a reservation. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Address: 12 Jerusalem Passage, EC1V 4JP
Phone: 020 3217 0090
Nearest Tube: Farringdon
Need To Know: Closed Sunday, Monday and for lunch Saturday

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