Indian | Whitechapel | Dirt cheap

Perfectly-spiced Pakistani-style lamb chops have made this middle-of-nowhere kebab and curry house an east London institution. Be warned, the place packs out to the point of discomfort, despite the recent expansion to include an upstairs and downstairs, and the harassed staff can be less than friendly. Ignore the noise and focus on the food and you’ll still leave happy though. The long-standing rivalry with nearby Lahore Kebab House divides London opinion, but wherever you stand, there’s no denying the grill at Tayyabs is epic. Don’t be shy when ordering – this place is CHEAP, plus the BYOB policy helps keep costs down. Book ahead or be prepared to queue with the crowd that nightly spills out into the street – to do the whole thing stress free, take advantage of their delivery service. The experience can often be altogether more pleasant.

Address: 83-89 Fieldgate Street , E1 1JU
Phone: 020 7247 9543
Website: www.tayyabs.co.uk
Nearest Tube: Whitechapel/Aldgate East
Need To Know: BYOB

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